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Dronetv.lu : Une plateforme d’enseignement et de recherche sur la télévision utilitaire

Medialiterature 15-16

Creating an ethical and legal governance framework for trustworthy cybersecurity in Switzerland

#ASAnumerica – Classics and digital technologies at UNIL

Toponymical Atlas of the Canton of Vaud

UNIL-EPFL Cultural Innovations Program / Programme Innovations Culturelles (PIC)

French Lexis in the Auchinleck Manuscript: A Digital-Philological Approach

PIC Open Labs – Open Lab I

DEEP EDGE: Data Empowerment in Ecological Participatory Democratic Governance

SEEDS: Space for Educational Success

World of Possibilities (WoPoss)

Project IPRoduct

Project Vaticanus Arabicus 13

Project GA 460

Project eTalks

#dariahTeach, online teaching platform

Paul Collart et le temple de Baalshamîn à Palmyre

H2020 project OPERAS-P


Models of musician mobility and migrating musical patterns

An Agile Approach Towards Computational Modeling of Historiographical Uncertainty

How does a classical hero die in the digital age? Using Sophocles’ Ajax to create a commentary on commentaries

Civic Tech

Reconfiguring Comics in our Digital Era

Mapping the News Landscape

Impresso Project: Media Monitoring of the past

GameLab UNIL-EPFL: Study Group on Video Games

Wikimaps: Exploring collective attentions