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Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

The goal of this conference, organized by the Center of Excellence Jean Monnet IMAGO (École normale supérieure) in partnership with the Chair of Digital Humanities at the University of Geneva, the Purdue University School of Visual and Performing Arts, and the Beaux Arts of Paris, is to take stock of what circulation does to images, and what images do when they circulate. 

The wide variety of images types and formats — whether digital, material, artificial, mental, or perceptual — makes the study of image circulation very challenging. This conference aims to address some key questions on the subject, including:

  • How can one go from a mental image to a printed image, via a painted image that might have been inspired by a photographic one?
  • Are digital images material, insofar as they must, to be perceived, be displayed in one way or another?
  • Can digital images that circulate eventually “wear out” in the same way that paintings do, if the files become damaged over time?

The conference will take place online on the imago website (www.imago.ens.fr), on June 15, 16, 17 and 18 2020. View the program.

Source: The Circulation of Images, imago.ens.fr

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