Matteo Romanello is a lecturer Ambizione SNSF at the Institute of Archeology and Classical Studies (Faculty of Arts, UNIL).

Previously, he was a research scientist at the Digital Humanities Laboratory of the EPFL, where he worked on methods for text mining and information extraction from large collections of texts. He obtained his PhD at the Digital Humanities department at King’s College London, under the supervision of Prof. Willard McCarty, with a thesis on methods for citation mining of Classics publications. Matteo is a Digital Humanities specialist with expertise in the areas of classics, archaeology and history.

His main research interests include natural language processing and information extraction, especially their domain-specific applications; citation mining and analysis; and applications of semantic web technologies in the humanities.

Matteo also worked as a collaborator and teaching fellow at the University of Rostock, as a researcher at the German Archaeological Institute, and was visiting research scholar at Tufts University (Perseus project).


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