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The Swiss Data Science Center is a joint venture between EPFL and ETH Zurich. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption of data science and machine learning techniques within academic disciplines of the ETH Domain, the Swiss academic community at large, and the industrial sector. In particular, it addresses the gap between those who create data, those who develop data analytics and systems, and those who could potentially extract value from it. The center is composed of a large multi-disciplinary team of data and computer scientists, and experts in select domains, with offices in Lausanne and Zurich. The Swiss Data Science Center is looking for a creative engineer to join the team.


Systems / Software Engineer (60%-100%)

In this role, you will help build the devops, infrastructure and application backbone of the Renku project. Your contributions will enable new features and ensure smooth access to instances of Renku for hundreds of researchers, analysts and students from around the world in fields as varied as astronomy, ecology, and personalized medicine. In addition, you will work closely with the rest of the Renku team to enable uninterrupted platform development by providing rock-solid internal infrastructure.

Main duties and responsibilities include

More specifically, you will contribute to the following areas:

  • Deployment, monitoring, profiling and troubleshooting of our development and production environments
  • Automating the lifecycle of our cloud infrastructure
  • Improving the deployment recipes of our platform
  • Developing low-level application components that interface with the infrastructure layer (i.e. Kubernetes)

Your profile

You are an engineer with a minimum of a BSc in Computer Science or a related discipline and feel capable of working with our technology stack:

  • We heavily use Docker and rely on Kubernetes for container orchestration.
  • Terraform is our tool of choice for cloud infrastructure management.
  • We use GitOps (Flux) and Helm for application deployment.
  • Our CI/CD pipelines are based on GitHub actions and Bash/Python scripting.
  • We develop microservices in Python (Flask).

Please note that we do not expect successful candidates to have deep knowledge in all the above technologies and frameworks. Ideally, you will have experience with some and be eager to learn more along the way.

We offer

Our engineering and operations team loosely follows an agile methodology. We work with a very flat hierarchy which gives individual engineers a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, and we encourage all of our team members to contribute their unique viewpoints to the overall decision making. The platform we are building is multi-faceted which means that our team is equally varied and constantly learning.

We offer a stimulating, collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment in a world-class research institution. Our engineering team of 17 hails from more than 10 countries and we are committed to upholding the team’s diversity in the future. We value work-life balance and will readily consider part-time employment options as well as occasional or regular home-office work (although strictly from Switzerland).

In this dynamic position, you will make full use of your engineering skills. We encourage experimentation and creativity by actively promoting learning of new technologies and approaches on the job. We are dedicated to open source software and we encourage our team members to seek out opportunities to engage with and contribute to open source communities as a part of their development process.


Start date

As soon as possible

Term of employment

Fixed-term (CDD)

Work rate



1 year, renewable

If you have questions regarding this position, do not hesitate to send an email to: andreas.bleuler@sdsc.ethz.ch (no applications).

To apply, click here.


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