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The SNSF project MARK16, led by Claire Clivaz, member of the dhCenter, has put online 36 manuscripts in six languages with folios of chapter 16 of the Gospel according to Mark.

The Manuscript Room is the first part of a virtual research environment (VRE) devoted to the last chapter of the Gospel according to Mark. This is the first time a VRE has been dedicated to a biblical chapter.

The API contains an admin interface that allows SHS researchers to upload material directly to the site. About ten more manuscripts will be added to this collection, with four additional languages. The API documentation will ultimately be available on GitHub.

This Manuscript room, developed in the framework of the MARK16 SNSF PRIMA project on five years (2018-2023), was made possible thanks to the partnership with the INTF (Münster) and with Nakala (Huma-Num, CNRS). All manuscript data are available on Nakala.

Questions, suggestions or eager to participate in transcribing a Mark 16 manuscript? Please contact claire.clivaz@sib.swiss.


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