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The European Commission has published a new EUR 1 million funding opportunity for museum-based projects on “European Museum Collaboration and Innovation Space“. The deadline for proposals is January 12th, 2021.

The focus area for the funding opportunity is, “Digitizing and transforming European industry and services”. The context for the call is the COVID-19 crisis, and the pandemic’s impact on cultural organizations, as well as the acceleration of the digital transformation in the sector.

According to the description on the European Commission website, the proposed action “will provide the opportunity for museums to work with creative and technology partners, as well as with each other, through small, experimental projects, to apply digital technologies to a selected area of work or activities, in an innovative way. The project will support museums, for example and not exclusively, to develop solutions that enhance their digital presence, or innovate their day-to-day functions and processes, experiment with 3D digitization and AR/VR applications for visitors, tap in the creative potential of technology to offer transformative experiences for audiences, or test new business models for their post-crisis recovery.”

The action will be “implemented through a number of individual projects in selected museums…[and] is targeted in particular to small and medium sized museums.”

View the full call on the European Commission website


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