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On June 25th, Swiss newspaper Le Temps published an op-ed by dhCenter member Yannick Rochat, which also featured an interview with dhCenter member Selim Krichane. Both researchers commented on the rise of big-budget, hyperrealistic (and often hyper-violent) video games.

Rochat and Krichane are both scientific collaborators in EPFL’s College of Humanities and members of the UNIL Gamelab.

In the article, Rochat reviews the recently released video game “The Last of Us Part II”, and critiques the complex role of the player in the narrative. Meanwhile, Krichane comments on the evolution and future prospects of big-budget video games, as well as their comparison (and competition) with cinema.

Read the full article: «The Last of Us Part II», zombie fais-moi peur (25.6.2020, Le Temps)


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