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Sciences Po: COVID-19 from a Social Science Perspective

The Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) has published a list of recent articles and ongoing research projects from its labs, all of which examine the political, economic and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic in the short and long term. 

The more than 20 studies and projects fall under the headings of society, international relations, public policy, economics, sociology, and data. Potentially of particular interest to dhCenter members, the data-focused project “Coronavirus Country Comparator” is a real-time visualization tool for national and international health statistics.

Sciences Po Scientific Director Guillaume Plantin said in an interview on the institution’s website that while researchers have put together these works extremely rapidly, to keep up with the evolving pandemic and its impacts, data collection is only the beginning.

“The speedy construction of a “stopgap” intellectual framework for thinking about the crisis’ most immediate repercussions is part of the duty of academia,” Plantin said. “But…data never speaks for itself. We will also need to construct and test the theoretical frameworks that allow information to be extracted from such data in a rigorous manner. Given the magnitude of the shock of COVID-19, I expect the need for interdisciplinarity to be even more pressing in this regard.”

Read the full article and project listing: “COVID-19 from a Social Science Perspective” (Sciences Po). 28.04.2020.