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Science et Cité, a foundation of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences devoted to fostering a dialogue between science and society, has moved its science café series online.

The Zoom-based series is named #ViWiCa, and is organized in partnership with the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the PHBern University of Education and the University of Bern. #ViWiCa aims to provide a place to discuss topics in science and society while adhering to social distancing rules. The public is invited to join and contribute to the conversation, or simply to listen and be inspired.

The next event in the #ViWiCa series will take place on Monday, May 11th from 17h30-18h30. Join the discussion on Zoom: https://tinyurl.com/ro7exwm.

What can — and can’t — science do in the coronavirus crisis?

What can science/research do to fight COVID-19? How does communication between science, politics and society work? What opportunities does this crisis offer us to tackle social problems? What does this crisis ‘teach’ us?


  • Alisa Zaugg, Science et Cité


  • Dr. Christian Althaus, Head of the Research Group on Immune Epidemiology, University of Bern
  • Prof. Serge Bignens, Head of the Institute for Medical Informatics, Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Doris Edelmann, Head of the Institute for Research, Development and Evaluation, PHBern

Discover the full science café schedule on the Science et Cité website.

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