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Image by Philipp Marquetand from Pixabay

This online course, to be held over one half-day, will teach participants how deep learning/neural networks work, and how they may be applied in practice by using either Python or R programming.

The audience for this course is PhD students, post-docs, and researchers at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) who would like to use machine learning methods in their research.

At the end of the course, the participants should be able to understand how the machine learning (neural network) algorithm works, run a simple machine learning code in Python or R, and be able to choose properly the hyper-parameters of the model.

Prior basic knowledge of statistics, including simple linear algebra techniques such as vectors, matrices and matrix multiplication, are required, as is familiarity with either Python or R programming. Participants must also have an account on the UNIL clusters.

03 Oct 2021
In-person conference

United Nations World Data Forum 2021 in Bern

29 Jun 2021
In-person course/workshop

Summer School UNIL EPFL : Digital Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences

21 Jun 2021
In-person course/workshop

Summer School : Le livre médiéval au regard des méthodes quantitatives

14 Jun 2021
In-person course/workshop

UNIL/EPFL continuing education course on “Internet: Social and political issues”