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This online workshop and video series is being offered within the framework of the DH2020 conference, which has recently been moved online. The livestream will include a hands-on session with Mathieu Jacomy, one of the developers of Gephi network visualization software.

This workshop will address questions such as: How can network visualizations provide a distant viewing of data? What are the different steps to building and reading a network?

The organizers will offer a series of videos that anyone with an internet connection (and bandwidth) can view. Then, on the day of the workshop (July 21,2020), a live stream via Zoom will be hosted for registered participants to work with presenter and Gephi developer Mathieu Jacomy. He will demonstrate ingesting data into Gephi, and setting up and understanding a network visualization. Facilitators will be on hand to help with any technical, procedural, or theoretical issues that arise over the course of the workshop that participants prefer to be addressed individually.

Practical details:

Date and time: July 21st, 2020, 17:00-20:00 CET
Register by July 14th to receive Zoom connection details: https://forms.gle/jMXXvTFaW4VZgJcx9
View the full program: https://cultureanalytics.github.io/DH2020/

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