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The Italian Society for Applied Anthropology (SIAA) in cooperation with the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Catania is going to launch its second Speaker’ Corner “Listen to the pandemic” on May 12 (18:00-20:00 Italian time), with Andrew Lakoff as main speaker.

Recent years have witnessed an upsurge in global health emergencies—from SARS to Ebola to Zika, and today the new Covid-19. Each of these occurrences has sparked calls for improved health systems and forecasting performances. Starting from a history of health preparedness from its beginnings in 1950s Cold War civil defense to the early twenty-first century, Andrew Lakoff analyses how international health authorities has carved out a global space for governing potential outbreaks. His researches on alert systems and preparedness devices used by health authorities, government officials, and vaccine manufacturers, will be the starting point to reflect on current responses to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

  • Speaker: Andrew Lakoff is an anthropologist of science and medicine at the University of Southern California. His current research concerns the articulation of expertise in public health and bio security.
  • Introduction: Mara Benadusi
  • Moderator: Lorenzo D’orsi


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