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dhCenter member Anne-Katrin Weber, a lecturer at the Section d’histoire et esthétique du cinéma at the University of Lausanne, has been featured by the University of Lausanne Faculty of Arts blog, Eureka.

In the French-language profile, published on November 13th, Weber talks about her academic background and career as a historian of television, or “media archaeologist”, where she focuses on the history of uses of television outside the home, rather than as a public service.

In addition to discussing her unique Swiss National Science Foundation AGORA project, “Le Syndic, la vache et le verre de blanc. Un siècle de Comptoir suisse à Lausanne,” which focuses on the popular but recently terminated Swiss commercial fair Comptoir Suisse, Weber also gives a few words of advice to early-career researchers.

Read the full interview (in French):

Anne-Katrin Weber, première assistante en Section d’histoire et esthétique du cinéma. Eureka. 13 November 2020.

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