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The VIRAL platform, hosted by the University of Lausanne (UNIL), provides a space for researchers to collaborate on social science projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts. It also offers resources and latest news to the public, as well as the chance to pose questions directly to UNIL experts.

An initiative of the UNIL Culture and Scientific Mediation Service, “VIRAL – the multiple lives of COVID-19” aims to “take a reflexive look at the pandemic, and to use the tools of social and human sciences to produce knowledge and shed light on the multiple realities involved.” The new website brings together perspectives on the pandemic from psychology, sociology, history, anthropology, political science, and economics, and other fields.

In addition to providing links to press reviews and the latest global data on the pandemic, the French-language platform welcomes articles, essays, and data from researchers of all levels and academic backgrounds, and across multimedia formats. Resources are organized by their focus on “learning from the past”, documenting the present”, or “thinking about the future”.

New and ongoing research projects relating to the pandemic are also published to invite participation and encourage collaborations. VIRAL welcomes contributions from institutions across French-speaking Switzerland, including universities, technical schools, and city and cantonal entities.

Visit the VIRAL platform for more details on how to contribute.

Research and projects

“We want to create a narrative out of all the heterogeneous data”

Career opportunities

Job: Head of Unit – Infrastructure Development, Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences

Calls for participation

Call for Papers: Diagrams in Science, Science in Diagrams, 1300–1700

Calls for participation

Call for contributions: Humanités numériques 4th edition