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The Journal of Open Humanities Data (JOHD) features peer reviewed publications describing humanities data, software, and ontologies with high potential for reuse. We are currently inviting submissions of two varieties:

1. Metapapers describe humanities research objects with high reuse potential. This might include quantitative and qualitative data, software, algorithms, maps, simulations, ontologies etc. These are short (1000 word) highly structured narratives and must conform to the Metapaper template.

2. Full length research papers that describe different methods used to create, process, evaluate, or curate humanities research objects. These are intended to be longer narratives (3,000 – 5,000 words) which give authors the ability to describe a research object and its creation in greater detail than a traditional publication.

Humanities subjects of interest to the JOHD include, but are not limited to Art History, History, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, etc. Data, software, and ontologies that cross one or more of these traditional disciplinary boundaries are highly encouraged.


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